· On lead heeling

· Heeling through a group of people, on and off lead.

· Off lead heeling

· Sit out of motion exercise

· Down out of motion with recall

· Long-down under distraction

BH (Begleithund) Title

The BH (Begleithund) Title is a pre-requisite for Schutzhund titles.  It is also called the companion dog title.  The dog must be at least 15 months old - Ditto (Piglet) was 20 months.  The BH is composed of three events and the dog must successfully pass each test to continue on:

1. Impartiality (Temperament) Test.  This portion is pass or fail.

· The identity of the dog is confirmed by checking the tattoo number and/or micro chip.

· If a dog shows defects of character during the test or at any time throughout the course of the trial the judge may disqualify the dog from the trial and enter into the scorebook the note, ‘Temperament Test/Behavior Test failed’.

3. The Trafficability Test.  This portion is pass or fail.

· Encounter with a group of people

· Encounter with a bike rider

· Encounter with automobiles

· Encounter with joggers

· Encounter with other dogs

· Behavior of the dog when tied out briefly and left alone

2. The Obedience Test.  The dog must achieve 70% of the required points to continue.  During this phase the handler takes the field with the dog and performs a basic obedience routine (Trial Heeling Pattern) demonstrating the following:

Ditto (Piglet) performed awesome in all three events at our club trial on 06-07 Dec 2008 and earned his first title - BH (Begleithund).  The judge was USA Judge Michael Caputo.